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Outdoor IP68 Protection Level High Brightness Non-slip LED Floor Display Screen

The LED intelligent interactive floor screen developed by XYGLED uses human-computer interaction technology so that the audience can participate in the display scene and achieve an immersive effect. After interacting with multiple devices through interactive technology, combined with high-end interactive materials, the experience can feel more interesting, enhance the sense of vision and experience, and make the virtual scene more realistic and vivid. Through the integration of linkage interaction technology and linkage software, the LED intelligent interactive floor screen is no longer just a display device, but a hardware control device, enhancing the functions and application fields of the LED floor screen and linkage equipment! Enhance the product’s value and bring higher commercial value to customers!



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Frontal and back service LED display. Rental LED Display is a dual maintenance product, not only 100% front accessible but also can do front service. The LED panels are magnetic and can be removed by tools from the front side in 5 seconds. easy and convenient, saving you cost and labor.

Ultra lightweight. Portable and good stability with a weight of 7.5kg/cabinet and thickness of 80mm. The features of lightweight make the LED display easy to carry, transport, and install, saving a good amount of money on your labor costs.

Perfect cabinet design with each part, The Rental LED Display new design incorporates many aesthetic elements and adopts High strength die-casting aluminum, only 7.5kg per cabinet. Better performance with high-definition visual display.

Perfect structure. The design innovation has its own unique philosophy, with a number of core technologies. Innovative structural design, and avant-garde body lines, give you an extraordinary experience.

Seamless display and better visual effects. High precision aluminum cabinet frame makes seamless splicing image and video display, offering you the perfect visual experience you desire from any angle. The picture quality confronts viewers with an entirely new sensory experience.Dual Service Design.

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof. Adopts Optimized Control Box with Quick removable without any tools optional. the back box (includes power sully and control cards) is removable quickly for replacement and maintenance.

High precision curve Lock. Support curved installation, In order to meet the various aspects of the LED screen field. 500/1000 series led display design for Curved Installation. Curved with every 2.5° between -10°and 10°, which can make convex and concave.

Corner protector for LED. Multi installation way of cabinet. Support 3 installation ways of cabinet with hanging installation, concave& convex installation, and stack installation.

IP65 protection ensures continuous and stable operation in all kinds of outdoor environments.


1.The maximum load-bearing capacity is 3000kgs/sqm.
2.Protection level: IP68.
3.Private model customized modules and cabinets.
4.PC housing, anti-slip, anti-glare, wear-resistant, UV resistance.
5.Front maintenance.
6.Cabinet material can be selected.
7.Lifespan over 100,000 hours.
8.Complete test reports and certificates.
9.Multi-equipment linkage,  better audiovisual effect.
10,The interactive response speed is fast, with a response time of 20 microseconds.
11.Point-to-point, multi-point interaction, not limited by the number of interactive points.
12.The mask is made of imported high polymer PC material, with low moisture absorption coefficient, anti-skid and anti-glare design.
13.The built-in optical sensor chip does not require an external interactive sensor device, and is not interfered by external light or electric waves.
14.The installation structure is made of high-strength anti-corrosion materials, single-point height adjustable, non-slip and shock-absorbing design.
15.The software supports the production and playback of multiple interactive materials in Flash, and UDP point-to-point formats. The software supports the function of sensing objects with intelligent shielding.


Squares, Parks, Outdoor activities, Tourist attractions, Glass walkways, 5D cinemas, Playgrounds, Bars, Gas stations, Sidewalks, Stadiums, Sports halls, Pedestrian streets, Commercial complexes

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  • Product Intoduction

    The floor screen independently developed by XYGLED adopts PC material (carbonate-based polymer) imported from Germany, which has high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength and good toughness. It can be used in a wide temperature range. Low molding shrinkage: good dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction. Good fatigue resistance: increased adhesive, good toughness, not easy to crack after repeated use. Good weather resistance: It is not easy to change color or crack under the change of temperature. Customized private mold, adding water guide groove, non-slip surface. The surface is frosted, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Increase the diffusion agent to achieve anti-dizziness, anti-UV, and increase the safety of guests.

    The floor screen needs to be waterproofed for outdoors. Our company’s outdoor led floor adopts outdoor standards. The screw holes are sealed with three-proof glue to ensure moisture-proof, waterproof and dust-proof to the greatest extent. The waterproof and dustproof coefficient of the front and back of the outdoor model have IP68 protection level. The number of load-bearing columns in each module is as many as 71, and adhesives are added to the material to ensure the toughness and strength of the load-bearing columns, not only can it guarantee the weight of 2600KGS/SQM, but it can also ensure that the tension generated when the heavy object goes up and down ensures that the column does not break (the tension will cause the column to break, and after the break, the module will crack when the weight is removed and put on it again) .

    A single signal box is connected to a single module. The inside of the box is sealed with waterproof beading, and the outside of the box is fully sealed with glue to ensure that the water vapor on the ground cannot enter the signal box and the module. All screw holes and joints are filled with glue and sealed. The control box is made of aluminum, which ensures heat dissipation to the greatest extent. The connection between the control box and the back cover adopts waterproof beading to ensure that the water vapor on the ground cannot enter the control box; the outer connection of the back cover is again sealed with glue. The mop is made of galvanized mop instead of hard plastic, which increases the load-bearing effect.


    Pixel pitch Density(dot) Module size(mm) Module resolution Panel size(mm) Brightness(cd/m²) Refresh rate
    OF6.25 25600 250*250 40*40 500*500/500*1000 4000-4500 3840
    OF7.8125 16384 250*250 32*32 500*500/500*1000 4000-4500 3840
    OF8.928 12544 250*250 28*28 500*500/500*1000 4000-4500 3840
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