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Interactive Floor screen

Led Floor screen varies indoor and outdoor, interactive, and non-interactive, we can provide different recommendations for our client, pixel pitch from P2.976 to P8.


Rental Led screen

Rental led screen mostly for the Event companies to provide for their speech or performance Event, we can provide both indoor and outdoor Rental led screens for sale.


Indoor led screen

Indoor led screens can be used at showrooms and offices, or any type of retail places, it broadcasted brand information to its audience, moreover it increased the facility impression to your customer.


Led Poster display

Led poster display replaced the traditional poster by saving print out, you can replace it anywhere you want, and display any content you wish to show your client.


Flexible Led screen

LED flexible screen can be used customized to different shapes, such as Cylinder, curve, wave, pixel pitch starts from P1.8 and above.


Conference Led screen

The conference is essential for any type of organization, so choose a suitable conference room to replace the old type of projector, we have the best offer over the market.


Outdoor Led screen

Outdoor Led screens are widely used at street sides, building front, high ways, to show advertisement and promotion to audiences, its energy-saving, easy management features attract more and more advertising company to convert the outdoor billboard to led screens.


Transparent Mesh screen

The led mesh screen is for building a wall, front and rear maintenance, rapid installation, saving steel structure, greatly reducing project costs.


Latest News

Our Interactive Floor screen

  1. 1
    Super load Bearing performance

    Featured with point-to-face contact and support technology, its load capacity is over 2,000kg/sqm, so being the weight of a car is not a big deal.

  2. 2
    Wide Viewing angle

    Wide-angle for a much better viewing experience. The big screen can be clearly seen from any angle on site. Every audience can enjoy the charm of modern technology.

  3. 3
    Highly Stable

    Ensure stable performance even for long-time use, long lifespan. Stable signal and power supply, ensure safe use. Besides, with front and rear IP65 waterproof design, use requirements in different applications can be satisfied.

  4. 4
    Easy to service

    With the magnetically fixed module design, which greatly decreases service time and improves work efficiency, the module can be easily replaced within 3sec.

  5. 5
    Interactive Effect

    No delay in interactive effect enables to deliver strong visual impact, providing the audience a truly amazing and unforgettable experience and greatly improving their engagement.



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