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Rental Indoor & Outdoor HD high-refresh rate Curved Lock Cost-effective LED Display Screen

XYGLED offers a complete range of Indoor & Outdoor Rental LED Display products for events, stages, stores, TV studios, filming, professional AV installations, and other venues. You can choose the right series for your rental applications.
Pixel Pitch from P1.953mm to P4.81mm.



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Frontal and back service LED display. Rental LED Display is a dual maintenance product, not only 100% front accessible but also can do front service. The LED panels are magnetic and can be removed by tools from the front side in 5 seconds. easy and convenient, saving you cost and labor.

Ultra lightweight. Portable and good stability with a weight of 7.5kg/cabinet and thickness of 80mm. The features of lightweight make the LED display easy to carry, transport, and install, saving a good amount of money on your labor costs.

Perfect cabinet design with each part, The Rental LED Display new design incorporates many aesthetic elements and adopts High strength die-casting aluminum, only 7.5kg per cabinet. Better performance with high-definition visual display.

Perfect structure. The design innovation has its own unique philosophy, with a number of core technologies. Innovative structural design, and avant-garde body lines, give you an extraordinary experience.

Seamless display and better visual effects. High precision aluminum cabinet frame makes seamless splicing image and video display, offering you the perfect visual experience you desire from any angle. The picture quality confronts viewers with an entirely new sensory experience.Dual Service Design.

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof. Adopts Optimized Control Box with Quick removable without any tools optional. the back box (includes power sully and control cards) is removable quickly for replacement and maintenance.

High precision curve Lock. Support curved installation, In order to meet the various aspects of the LED screen field. 500/1000 series led display design for Curved Installation. Curved with every 2.5° between -10°and 10°, which can make convex and concave.

Corner protector for LED. Multi installation way of cabinet. Support 3 installation ways of cabinet with hanging installation, concave& convex installation, and stack installation.

IP65 protection ensures continuous and stable operation in all kinds of outdoor environments.


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Events, Wedding, Celebration, Media, Film Production, XR studio, Broadcast, Exhibitions, Stadiums, Auditoriums, Lecture halls, Multi-function halls, Meeting rooms, Performance halls, Bars, Virtual Event Stages, Theater, Press conferences, etc.


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  • Product Introduction

    The LED rental display is designed as a customized die-casting aluminum box, and its most important features are lightness, thinness and quick installation. The box body is light and thin, can be installed, removed and transported quickly, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. It is processed by a synchronous control system, and can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV, etc., and can play videos, graphics and other programs at will, and play them in real-time, synchronous, and clear information dissemination. various information. The colors are vivid and adaptable. The LED rental display is light in weight, thin in structure, and has hoisting and quick installation functions, so as to meet the requirements of quick installation, disassembly, and handling required by rental occasions; easy to load and unload, easy to operate, and the entire screen is fixed and connected by fast bolts, which can be accurately and quickly installed. Quickly set up and disassemble the screen, and can assemble different shapes to meet the requirements of the site; unique technology: the structural design of the unique welding process optimization, to avoid frequent handling caused by poor contact of solder joints of electronic products caused by the fault site and other conditions.


    Lightweight, ultra-thin, fast installation design, enabling you to complete the installation and removal of the display in a short time. Support any direction of the signal line to meet the arrangement and placement of different cabinets, so as to create pictures with different effects. Equipped with a professional video processor, supporting AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI and other signals. Support 256-level brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment, so that different batches of displays can be used mixedly. Module: 250*250mm standard size module is used to reduce internal connections and improve product stability. The module can be disassembled directly from the front and back of the box without opening the box. Rear cover: Open the lock and remove the rear cover to maintain and replace the power supply and receiving card. IC and driver: high refresh rate, high grayscale, high refresh rate, high grayscale 16384 grayscale products adopt high-end constant current drive chip with built-in PWM. 

    In the case of a single receiving card loaded, the display refresh rate can be as low as 960HZ and as high as 4800HZ. The gray level can reach up to 16bit, and the picture is stable, which can easily meet the requirements of high-end applications such as stage performances and broadcasting. Content: The new structural design meets the requirements of hoisting and stacking, as well as indoor and outdoor requirements. The box is beautiful, compatible with various dot pitches, and compatible with indoor and outdoor modules. High: High grayscale and high refresh rate design, grayscale 14 bit, refresh rate >3840Hz. Low: Excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance, no need for external fans, air conditioners, etc., low noise; light weight of the box, low installation costs; low power consumption of the box, saving operating costs. Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor rental. It is equipped with flight cases of various specifications, which is convenient for storage and transportation of the case, and plays a good role in protecting the LED display. Customize the most suitable LED display rental solution according to customer requirements and site environment.


    Rental LED Display Module Specification

    Pixel pitch LED Type Density/dot Module size(mm) Module resolution Scan Brightness(cd/m²) LED
    R2.604 1515 147474 250*250 96*96 32s 800 1R1G1B
    R2.976 1515 112896 250*250 84*84 28s 800 1R1G1B
    R3.91 2121 65410 250*250 64*64 16s 800 1R1G1B
    R4.81 2121 43222 250*250 52*52 13s 800 1R1G1B
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