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Indoor Fine-Pitch Ultra-Light Ultra-Thin High-Definition Seamless Cost-Effective LED Display Screen

XYGLED 640*480 series integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology, and information processing, and has the advantages of bright colors, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work, etc. Play a role in product promotion and attract customers. It plays the role of storefront decoration and improving the grade of the enterprise. It plays the role of lighting and unconventional. play a role in popularizing knowledge. (It can be used to broadcast small information about enterprise products and knowledge of related industries) It plays the role of a bulletin board. (promotions, job postings). Play the role of setting off the atmosphere. Through the display screen, we can play the welcome words of superior leaders and various VIPs who come to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals, etc.



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Compatible with any module. High accuracy.

2 positioning pins, 1 electrical installation board, 1.3 connection pieces, 4 quick locks.

Indoor 640*480mm frontal service led display screen, 640 series LED display video wall for indoor fixed installation applications. fine pixels, perfect design, front service for LED power supply, cards, and modules, ultra-lightweight, magnesium alloy cabinet design, 4:3 ratio cabinet  with 640*480mm dimension, flatness, easy to install and disassemble.

Perfect cabinet design, XYGLED 640*480mm Series LED display Product is a less weight-led display with quick locks and a delicate structure for easy installation without Gaps. The humanization handlebar design makes you easier to move the cabinet.

Full front maintenance, LED display with frontal service. The magnet LED modules can be removed by tools on the front side for only 5 seconds. easy and convenient, save you cost and labor.

4:3 Ratio cabinet design, 640 Series indoor fixed installation LED Display is designed with a 4:3 golden ratio, and the cabinet size is 640*480mm, specially designed for a variety of 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screens.

Seamless splicing, excellent display experience, Seamless splicing design with fast locks and simple internal wiring, which perfectly realizes the splicing of the cabinet. The LED display has no gaps and the LED screen is ultra-high flatness.


application (1)
application (2)

1)Exhibition: Museum, municipal planning hall, science and Technology Museum, exhibition hall, exhibition, etc.
2)Catering industry: hotel ballroom or passageway and lobby, restaurant's ordering area or important passageway, etc.
3)Entertainment industry: basketball court, stadiums, bar counter, main channel, private room floor, etc.
4)Leasing industry: main stage of large-scale commercial performance, major events, wedding and birthday celebration, media, etc.
5)Education industry: school laboratory, pre job training, kindergarten, preschool training, special education, etc.
6)Scenic spots: Glass skywalk, reception center, recreation center, viewing platform, etc.
7)Municipal projects: Garden Road, square, etc. Monitoring center: command room, control room, etc.
8)Real estate center: Sales Center, prototype room, etc.
9)Financial center: Stock Exchange Center, headquarters of bank, etc.
10)Commercial complex: Main passageway of shopping mall, central square, courtyard, cross street bridge, children's playground, etc.


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  • Product Introduction

    XYGLED 640*480 series equipped with a full-color display screen, the introduction of higher-quality LED dies makes the screen image high-definition, uniform in color, low power consumption, light in weight, thin in the screen layer, and wide-area viewing angle, so the probability of failure is small and convenient maintenance. It mainly adopts a multi-function multimedia display card PCTV card, which has more excellent performance, more advanced acquisition methods, can accurately capture video, and has Studio editing software that matches the display card. DVI interface technology is more advanced. The integrity of the screen image is guaranteed, the possibility of reducing details, and the computer image is completely reproduced on the display screen. DVI can support all display modes, ensuring the stability and reliability of data display and having multiple integrated functions. Use the indoor full-color system to alleviate the hidden dangers of system display and transmission of a large amount of complex data, and fully restore full true color. Use the chip to complete the data distribution and display tasks, perform pulse output conversion on the received data, convert from 8-bit (8-bit) display data to 12-bit PWM, upgrade to 4096 (12-bit) level grayscale control, and realize the non-linear 256-level vision of the screen display Grayscale, fully create a true color visual enjoyment. The driving mode adopts a constant current system. Through its high cost performance, it improves the lack of discrete voltage drop of LED tubes, overcomes the mosaic problem, and ensures the quality of the picture. Combined with the mode of optical fiber transmission, the loss of signal during transmission is reduced.


    Indoor LED Display Module Specification

    Pixel pitch LED Type Density/dot Module size(mm) Module resolution Scan Brightness(cd/㎡) LED
    P1.25 1010 640000 320*160 256*128 64s 600 1R1G1B
    P1.538 1212 422753 320*160 208*104 52s 600 1R1G1B
    P1.667 1212 359856 320*160 192*96 48s 600 1R1G1B
    P1.86 1515 289050 320*160 172*86 43s 800 1R1G1B
    P2 1515 250000 320*160 160*80 40s 800 1R1G1B
    P2.5 2121 160000 320*160 128*64 32s 800 1R1G1B
    P3.076 2121 105688 320*160 104*52 26s 800 1R1G1B
    P4 2121 62500 320*160 80*40 20s 800 1R1G1B
    P5 2121 40000 320*160 64*32 16s 800 1R1G1B
    P1.875 1515 284444 240*240 128*128 32s 800 1R1G1B
    P2 1515 250000 256*128 128*64 32s 800 1R1G1B
    P2.5 2121 160000 160*160 64*64 32s 800 1R1G1B
    P3 2121 111111 192*192 64*64 32s 800 1R1G1B
    P4 2121 62500 256*256 64*64 32s 800 1R1G1B
    P4 2121 62500 256*128 64*32 16s 800 1R1G1B
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