“X” Shines All Over the World and Creates the Future Together I XYGLED “ISLE 2023 Shenzhen International Exhibition” Ends Perfectly

59cf48cc1c3994e3b79268e604d5372On April 9th, ISLE 2023 International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition was successfully concluded in Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center! XYG was invited to participate in this exhibition with a variety of scene application solutions. As a global professional designer of application solutions in the field of LED floor screens and a manufacturer of source strength products, XYG will share with you the benefits brought by LED intelligent interactive floor screens. Immersive scene experience, together with you to explore the infinite imagination brought by new technology products._MG_0259


The ultimate product, shining in the exhibition

In this exhibition, XYG shines in the exhibition with its interesting and interactive LED immersive experience scene and unique booth design. The exhibition site is very popular, attracting a large number of customers from home and abroad to visit and negotiate cooperation.

Wall-ground linkage experience area

Fun Interactive Game Experience

Through the independent LED intelligent interactive floor screen, wall and floor linkage system, it is integrated into the fun racing game. The visitors are divided into several teams to step on the balloons to get points and win prizes. Added a lot of fun to the exhibition site.


Interactive immersive experience area

LED floor screen + XR technology, full of eye-catching

In the face of the ever-growing field of XR virtual production, XYG also brought a unique LED floor screen XR product solution. The 3D shoe cabinet exhibition area presented through XR immersive technology is particularly eye-catching. The LED virtual scene realizes the immersive effect, and the innovative experience method and innovative scene design make exhibitors stop and watch, interact and take pictures one after another.



Ultimate service, heart-to-heart communication




With the continuous upgrading and iteration of commercial scene applications, XYG keeps up with the pace of the times and provides industry customers with high-quality, high-performance LED floor screen products and integrated design solutions: Immersive scene solutions, Wall & floor linkage solutions , Stair screen solution. With “floor screen products + creative solutions”, create super-intelligent, super-realistic immersive and interactive sensory experience, and achieve rapid growth in cases every year with high-quality and efficient services, with a wide range of applications: covering exhibitions, TV stations, Comprehensive fields such as large-scale commercial complexes, smart education, transportation and aviation, sports events, and smart cities. With 20 years of industry experience accumulation, the application examples of smart city construction and business creativity display have accumulated to 10,000+.


As a well-known brand of LED intelligent interactive floor  screen, XYG has been focusing on the design, development and manufacture of LED floor screen products for more than ten years, and is committed to providing customers with professional LED floor screen product application solutions.


Although this exhibition has ended, we will still not forget our original intention, continue to innovate and develop, and continue to promote the launch of new products, to create value for customers with better quality, more efficient service, and richer business application solutions. Create and share the future together.

Post time: Apr-11-2023