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Classification Of LED Display.

Standard 8X8 monochrome LED matrix module standard components are used, which it is white and can display all kinds of text, data, and two-dimensional graphics. Indoor LED displays can be divided into 3, 3.7, 5, 8, and 10mm, and other displays according to the diameter of the LED single point used.

Indoor and outdoor full-color LED display: full color is also known as three primary colors: that is, the red, green, and blue primary colors composed of the smallest display unit.


LED displays from monochrome to full-color wide span of variety supply, for its compliance with a wide range of operations to supply the foundation, and because of its high brightness, high reliability, and strong resistance to landscape light, making an LED displays in many outdoor and unusual operations have an irreplaceable position. Full-color LED display is also the most commonly operated LED display species in commercial, government units, hotels, and enterprises, full-color LED display can be used in most ultra-high-definition display scenes. When you need to change the display content, through the process of RS-232 adjacent to the microcomputer to change.


According To The Operation Scene Division

LED displays according to the operating scenery can be divided into indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays.

Over the years, LED display relies on its strange high price, low consumption, high brightness, long life, and other superiority have always played an important role in the flat panel display scale, and in the future for a long period of time there is a considerable amount of space.

According To The Dot Matrix Density Division

According to the dot, matrix density points to important common density and high-density display.
The above is the national color photoelectric for all customers’ summary of the classification of LED display. According to statistics, throughout 2019, the sales volume of full-color LED displays (including indoor and outdoor) has achieved year-on-year growth of more than 10%. Both are assembled with domestic standard 8X8 LED matrix modules, the screen body profile is completely different, and the root display efficacy is not the same. Can truly restore the color red, green, and blue, each 256-level grayscale composition of 16.7M (million) kinds of color, can real-time display color-rich dynamic images. There are high brightness, all-weather display, display content and the preparation of the type of orthopedic convenience, display efficiency, power consumption, long life, and other characteristics.

Division According To The Work Preparation

According to the work, a program divides the important two categories, a class called full-featured display, in addition to a class called intelligent display. The LED display screen matrix part is composed of many light-emitting diodes. LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, which is a new light source that grows actively and has a broad and extensive prospect. With the rapid growth and iteration of LED display technology, the cost of full-color LED displays is also slowly falling. As the name implies, an LED dual color display is a display that can simultaneously display two colors, often operating outdoor dual color large LED display and indoor LED dual color single-sided display two categories.

Three primary color displays (full color). LED display exists high brightness, can be spliced operation, convenient and easy, efficient and low consumption and other benefits, making it in a large area display, especially in sports, advertising, finance, exhibition, traffic and another scale of operation is quite extensive. It adopts a standard 8X8 double base LED matrix module, each pixel has three colors red, yellow, and green.

Full-color LED display is widely operated in trade cores, highways, and other crowded outdoor occasions.

Indoor display: small luminous dots, individual Φ3~Φ8, display area individual several square meters to more than ten square meters;

Outdoor display: the area of individual dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, high brightness, can work in the sun, there are wind, rain, waterproof effect. The full-effect type display must be adjacent to a microcomputer to work. The working principle of the display is the same as that of the computer.

The density of the display is related to the pixel diameter, the smaller the pixel diameter, the higher the density of the display, for specific selection, the closer the viewing interval, the higher the density of the display; the more distant the viewing matrix, the lower the density of the display.

LED dual color display. Indoor monochrome display economic fit, but the color is a bit monotonous.

The Operation Of The LED Display

Indoor two-color LED display, outdoor two-color LED display: two-color display is widely used in finance, post and telecommunications, telecommunications, electricity, hospitals, military, public security, shopping malls, finance, taxation, and other parts and occasions. LED displays to comply with the base color, dot matrix density, work preparation classification, work scenery, etc. into the following categories.

According To The Display Of The Base Color Division

Monochrome display. But the intelligent display is usually less, the full-effect display is a variety of display preparation.
Individually, display text information is appropriate to use single-color or two-color LED screen, display graphics, graphic information is appropriate to use two-color or full-color (three primary colors) display. An intelligent display does not need to be connected to the host computer, the display has a built-in CPU, can power down to save multiple screens, and can leave the host computer to run on its own. I believe that in the future, the full-color LED display will play a greater role! Each base color has 16×16 levels of gray = 256 or 256×256 levels of gray ≈ 61000 kinds of colors, or even more. In addition, the intelligent display is simple, the full-effect type display needs to have a dedicated solo, cover if you want to build an animation program, but also needs professional knowledge.

Post time: Dec-03-2022