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LED poster

Led poster display XB-PSI series

led poster

Led poster display to be mounted in many different ways play a synchronized video across all.No additional equipment is needed to satisfy the large LED display screen splicing. The system satisfies and supports the transmission of HDMI, RJ45, USB, and other interfaces. A single person can complete the operation of seamless splicing in 3 minutes.

For the installation of an LED poster screen, there are various ways; Floor Stand LED poster screen, wall-mounted LED poster screen, hanging LED poster screen and double-sided display LED poster screen, we all have corresponding LED display solutions.

Led Poster display can be free standing, it is flexible, easy to operate, perfect splicing of Large LED Display Screen while taking into account the effect of the high-quality screen. Through continuous testing and verification, especially for outdoor LED poster screen application scenarios. We also launched EP-M Series Movable LED Display products, which can be used as LED Poster for rental or events.

Easy Linkable and Split Design

Enable to link together to make one larger display

Normal link 6 signs to get 16:9 picture ratio

Quickly join together and split

Led poster

Available pixel pitch

Indoor LED poster

The LCD series

LCD poster

XB-PSI series (LCD type) is designed with tempered glass to protect LEDs. Therefore it is anti-static, anti-dust, and rust-proof. A freestanding poster is an ideal product for any type of party, weddings, shows as well as a concert.

Product Feature:

Lower  Power ConsumptionThe power consumption for a LED Poster is only 1/10 of the consumption in the LCD panel. ( Comparable with the same size)

Easy Move & MaintenanceEasy transportation and moved by using a strong wheel. Easy replacement of Power supply and LED panels.

Smart Asynchronous control  

Group Intelligent Control(GIC System).

Location Precise Advertising.

Advertising Management System 3G/4G/WI-Fi/USB control.

GPS real-time monitoring.