Led poster display

Led poster display replaced the traditional poster by saving print out, You can place it anywhere you want, and display any content you wish to show to your client.

Flight information display

Flight information display screen can be used at the airport, it can integrate with airport flight management system to display instant flight information to travelers, We have our successful case project in Hangzhou, China,

Outdoor Led Screen

Outdoor Led Screens are widely used at streets side, building front, High ways, to show advertisement and promotion to audiences, its energy-saving, easy-management features attract more and more advertising company to convert the outdoor billboard to led screens.

Indoor led screen

Indoor led screens can be used at showrooms and offices, or any type of retail places, it broadcasted brand information to its audience, moreover it increased the facility impression to your customer,

Conference Room Screen

The conference is essential for any type of organization, so choose a suitable conference room screen to replace the old type of projector, we have the best offer over the market.