GRFX Rental type Indoor&Outdoor Interactive LED Floor Screen

Rental Type Interactive LED Floor Screen

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General Details

GRFX Rental type Indoor&Outdoor Interactive LED Floor Screen

Available pixel pitch: P2.976, P3.91

Cabinet Material: Aluminum

Product features:

  1. Super load-bearing: 3Tons/㎡
  2. Customized size, easy to install and disassemble. Flight Case packing: easy to carry
  3. Built-in sensor, better than Rader and Infrared sensor system
  4. Video wall and floor screen joint interaction
  5. Multi equipment linkage, sky screen, floor screen, and video wall, better audiovisual effect
  6. Easy maintenance: Customized maintenance tool
  7. PC housing, anti-slip, anti-glare, wear-resistant, UV resistance

Application: Exhibition, Entertainment,  Commercial complex, Rental industry, etc.

Technical info
Pixel configuration SMD 1415
Pixel pitch(mm) 2.976
Pixel density(pixels/sqm.) 112896
Cabinet dimensions (L*W*H)/(mm) 500*500*78
Module dimensions (L*W*H)/(mm) 250*250*16
Panel material Die-cast aluminum box
Cabinet weight (kg/panel) 19.8
Module weight (kg/panel) 0.65
Color grayscale (Bit) 14-16bit
Refresh rate(Hz) 3840
Driving type 14s
Brightness(CD/㎡) Indoor:2000-2500


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