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Outdoor Common Cathode Energy Saving Front Service Waterproof Full Colour High Brightness LED Display Screen

XYGLED outdoor 960*960mm energy-saving series adopts an energy-saving power supply technology of LED display screen – Common Cathode, which can effectively solve the problems of excessive temperature and power consumption of the standard anode circuit screen. 5000-12000nits High brightness, high-cost performance, fast installation, front and rear maintenance support, the high protection level of IP66, light in weight and beautiful in appearance. Plentiful product categories of Outdoor LED Displays with various pixel pitches for 3D billboards, advertising, hotels, stores, governments, subways, enterprises, and shopping malls.



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Outdoor 960 Series Energy Saving LED Display is our latest Common Cathode Aluminum Display with a size of 960*960mm, high IP66 protection level. Unique panel design with 480*320mm size. Ultra-low heat and power consumption, saving, and excellent visual experience.

Excellent cabinet design with module layout, back cover, location tab, fast lock, module handle, and more.

High-definition picture, restore true color. Ultra-high contrast ratio, which can greatly improve the contrast between light and dark, and enhance the details of the picture.

Up to 12000nits high brightness brings clear images under strong sunlight; Ultra-low attenuation ensures sharp & vibrant images even after year-by-year running, generating great implicit commercial value for your investment.


Unique LED display panel design with 480*320mm and 960*960mm cabinet size, The weight of a single module is just 2KG.

Ultra Lightweight design with only 25kg for 960*960mm aluminum cabinet. Easy operation and portable. Ultra-slim & light cabinets reduce mounting structure and save the cost of transportation and installation.

Full waterproof, Fully-sealed design and Die-casting aluminum module chassis to offer Protecting Rating (front and rear): IP66. 

Common Cathode LED display, Die-casting aluminum chassis, recycle rate of 90% for the whole product. Long lifetime, Good heat dissipation performance.

Each LED module is equipped with a safety harness to prevent the module from falling and hitting people.

Aluminum material, high-temperature durability, fast heat dissipation. The whole product can Reach 5VB fireproofing level. Full sealed die-casting aluminum module chassis. Waterproof connectors(between modules), the Drain hole is designed at the bottom of the panel to prevent ponding. the high standard of Waterproofing Can be immersed in the specified water pressure for a long time.



Satisfies the display of most outdoor architectural scenes, and is used in stadiums, commercial plazas, railway station plazas, airports, pedestrian streets, stations, subways, leisure wharves, exhibition halls, etc.


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  • Product Introduction

    Outdoor common cathode energy-saving series, Real colour, more realistic picture, refresh rate up to 3840Hz, high contrast, grayscale above 16 bit, lifelike and delicate picture display, stable and uniform brightness, no glare, no graininess. Red, green and blue three-in-one LED lamp beads have good consistency and the viewing angle can reach more than 140°. Optimized structure, flexible installation, supports various installation methods such as landing, hoisting, and wall-mounting. The modular design of modules, cabinets, and power boxes, front and rear maintenance, hard connection, structure-free installation, and structural cost savings. Drive scheme: with column upper and lower blanking functions, high refresh rate, improvement of the darkening of the first row, low grey colour cast, and improvement of pitting lamp function. Stable and high protection: outdoor application product, IP66 protection grade, adopts die-casting aluminium box, has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high melting point, flame retardant and fire prevention, moisture resistance and salt spray resistance, high flatness, working temperature -40°C-80°C, long-term It operates normally in the seaside environment, has strong environmental adaptability, and can work outdoors around the clock. Stable and reliable performance, ultra-low temperature rise, low power consumption, low attenuation, plus the aluminium module itself has good thermal conductivity, which makes the heat dissipation effect of the whole screen better, no need to install air conditioners, high reliability, and long service life.


    Outdoor Energy Saving LED Display Module Specification

    Pixel pitch LED Type Density/dot Module size(mm) Module resolution Scan Brightness(nits) Protection Level
    P4.4 1921 50625 480*320*16 108*72 1/9s 5000-12000 IP66
    P5.7 2727 30625 480*320*16 84*56 1/7s 5500-12000 IP66
    P6.67 2727 22500 480*320*16 72*48 1/6s 6000-12000 IP66
    P10 3535 10000 480*320*16 48*32 1/2s 6000-12000 IP66
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