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With the development of the LED display industry and the continuous growth of market demand, the fields and forms of LED display applications are also constantly changing, constantly introducing new ones, if the conventional LED display screen installed on the wall is quite satisfactory and lacks individuality, and the LED display screen hoisted on the ceiling has a single display and a fly in the ointment, then the LED intelligent interactive floor screen that can realize wall-ground linkage and XR immersive scene application, while bringing you a new experience of immersive sensory interaction, it can also better meet the current and future diversified creative applications of smart business displays.


Where can the LED intelligent interactive floor screen be used?

XYG LED intelligent interactive floor screen is a new personalized digital display device specially designed for commercial creative scenes, stage performance creative scenes, and smart city creative scenes. Compared with traditional LED displays, XYG LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance and heat dissipation performance, so that they can adapt to high-intensity trampling and crowd intelligent scene interaction.


XYG LED intelligent interactive floor screen has the characteristics of stable performance, rich and diverse display colours, and long service life. It is widely used in shopping malls, scenic spots, playgrounds, science and technology museums, bars, KTV, pedestrian streets, glass plank roads, stages, studio centres, etc.

It can be used to attract customers in commercial places, and performing arts places for visual effects, or it can be used in urban cultural tourism to build immersive experience scenes. Xin Yi Guang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screens are widely used, especially in outdoor scenic spots and landscapes, adding a lot of colour to urban digital display applications, bringing a lot of fun to urban residents and tourists, and improving people’s enjoyment of life.

Integrating commercial display application innovation and upgrading

Create a new scene of experiential consumption

Human-screen interaction creates a better visual and shopping experience. Traditional commercial retail enterprises actively learn from the experience of new retail, and rapidly transform and innovate. By improving the consumption environment, increasing the proportion of experiential consumption, and creating creative scenarios. Through the transformation of creative scene power into the value increment of the project, it is realized into real purchasing power and consumption power.


In terms of creating commercial consumption scenarios, LED intelligent interactive floor screens are widely used. Build beautiful stores and shopping centres, with high-quality products, courteous service, environmental space, lighting, beautiful display, etc., to give customers a better consumption experience. Thanks to the communication of new media, it carries huge traffic, the check-in points of online celebrity shopping malls built by Xin Yi Guang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen solutions can bring explosive attention and customer flow to merchants, especially in experiential consumption scenarios where human-computer interaction technology is applied to realize human-computer interaction and wall-to-floor linkage effects when people touch it, various experience effects are very interesting and also greatly improve the sense of vision and experience.


The general trend is that the experiential terminal creative scene under the new retail in the future will focus on “design, interaction, and experience” and integrate more cross-border elements into the scene to meet consumers’ emotional needs for personalization and design.

Rich and diverse experiences, form a new commercial space and atmosphere, and the application of Xin Yi Guang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen will effectively enhance customers’ recognition of the brand and product value of the mall.

Create an immersive stage space

Meet the ultimate application of dance beauty products

Create a colourful stage space. Nowadays, the mainstream creative design of stage performances all use LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen technology to vary degrees. The stage design will combine different scene needs, integrating corresponding art culture, fashion and other elements, it perfectly combines people with sound, light, shadow and space, presenting a perfect and gorgeous performance of human-screen interaction. As an important element of visual effects, the immersive stage built by Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen makes the stage space even more amazing.


When performing on stage, create an immersive scene for the audience, the application of Xin Yi Guang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen enables the audience to interact with the work while obtaining a sensory experience, and then arouses resonance. The shocking visual effects and the exquisite performances of the performers can significantly increase the structure of the stage performance, the sense of story, and the role of the characters, and a series of exquisite stage performances are born.

Create smart city landmarks

Help the development of urban cultural tourism

Construct a diversified scene of urban cultural tourism. In terms of urban outdoor greening decoration, Xin Yi Guang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen can create urban highlights, decorate different urban colours in different festivals, and refine local cultural connotations and cultural elements into intuitive visual elements. The LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen application technology creates a variety of cultural and tourism scenes so that the audience can participate in the immersive scene, full of fun, improve the sense of vision and experience, let the virtual scene become more real and vivid, achieve the effect of being in the scene, and become a characteristic landscape of urban tourism.


In the past, the decoration of urban scenic spots used disposable consumables such as lanterns and lanterns to beautify the city, which was time-consuming and laborious. After the birth of the LED floor tile display, urban attractions can also change the theme materials at will through the Xin Yi Guang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen, adding icing on the cake to the city beautification, making the city warmer, reflecting the construction of urban ecological civilization, at the same time, it can also help to create the characteristics of landmark attractions in smart cities, help promote urban cultural tourism, and drive urban economic development.

Xin Yi Guang LED floor screen well-known brand



Shenzhen Xin Yi Guang Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service, and a Shenzhen Specialized and Special New Certification Enterprise. With global sales and service capabilities, excellent LED product innovation design, production and quality control capabilities, it is a research and development-oriented high-tech enterprise and display equipment solution provider integrating the implementation of the ISO9001 international quality system.

Xin Yi Guang floor screen products are famous in the industry for their high-quality features such as super load-bearing, waterproof and moisture-proof, non-slip and wear-resistant, silent heat dissipation, extremely fast interaction, and precise sensing. With the service tenet of “inheriting the spirit of craftsman and casting the high-quality products of the times”, the company provides high-quality and high-performance LED intelligent interactive floor tile display screens, LED indoor and outdoor display screens, LED traffic guidance display screens, and LED platform ground information guidance screens for global customers. , LCD airport flight information display, high-end LED creative customized products and solutions.

xygled display solution

Xin Yi Guang provides industry users with floor screen products and design corresponding solutions, including immersive scene solutions, wall & floor linkage solutions, and staircase screen solutions. With “floor screen products + creative solutions”, create super-intelligent, super-realistic immersive and interactive sensory experiences, and achieve rapid growth in cases every year with a high-quality and efficient service attitude, with a wide range of applications: covering exhibitions, Comprehensive fields such as TV stations, large-scale business centres, smart education, transportation and aviation, sports events, and smart cities.

Xin Yi Guang’s intelligent interactive floor screen

Some Application Cases & Solutions


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