LED Display Enters the Era of Human Screen Interaction

Breaking the boundaries of "time and space", everything can be immersed-LED display enters the era of human screen interaction! In recent years, the immersive experience created by large LED displays combined with holographic projection, AR, VR, and other technological means has become a form of offline-online celebrity entertainment that consumers are eager for. Various industries [...]
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Know More About Led Floor Screen

Table of Contents Introduction of Led Floor ScreenWhat is an “LED intelligent interactive floor screen”?ModuleCabinetProduct FeaturesWorking PrincipleHow to achieve Human-Computer Interaction?How to achieve LED Wall and LED floor screen joint interaction?Introduction to stereo imaging-ImmersiveInteraction Type and Working PrincipleWhat are the advantages of the Xinyiguang LED floor screen?What benefits can interactive functions bring?How to install LED […]

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How to achieve naked eye 3D?

Enthrall Digital Signage Audiences with Naked Eye 3D Content As large outdoor LED screens compete for viewers’ attention, advertisers and video content developers seek ever more effective ways to stand out. We’ve all seen wonderful videos circulating on social media of giant building-side LED displays with animals or space ships appearing to come right out [...]
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