Are you ready to transform your event space? Here’s why you need to install an interactive floor screen in your building to spice up your events.

Your event building is perfect. Everything is exactly where you want it to be, and it’s the ideal place for any gathering.

However, something is missing. That certain “wow” factor is lacking in your particular space, but why? What could you possibly add to fix this problem?

Lucky for you, the answer you’re looking for is the perfect combination of functional and awe-inspiring: an LED floor screen that guests can interact with and you can get praise for.

What Is An Interactive Floor Screen?

If you’ve ever been to a museum, you might have seen certain exhibits displaying a picture on the floor or wall that guests can interact with as they go along.

For example, a music museum might project a piano onto the ground where guests can step on the keys and a note will be played.

These screens bring not only eye-catching design, but a certain functional aspect that is useful in many different scenarios in an event space. A building with one of these screens would be a popular choice over one that does not have one, but if that is not enough to catch your eye, this list will.

Here are 10 ways these interactive floor screens will advance your event space

1. Eye Catching Designs

These LED systems have a unique feature that other displays do not have: they can be customized to fit any event space.

You have the capacity to turn that blank floor into a potential koi pond where your guests step on the screen and it creates ripples, or maybe a fun game where guests can add paint splatters to their stroll through your event.

Other LED displays simply do not have the innovative property to be beautiful and interactive at the same time.

2. Adapts to Any Environment

Is your event space in a predominantly outdoor setting? That is no problem for these innovative systems.

They are not only for spicing up an indoor venue space, but their non-slip resistance not only gives guests a sense of walking on normal ground, but also provides a safety feature for any rain, spilled drinks, or any other element that might add a bit of moisture to the floor.

That way, if you were to have a wedding outside, you can add an element of fun with an interactive dance floor for your guests. They can have the time of their lives and, despite the weather, be able to dance the night away on your unique floor.

3. Weight-Bearing

It can be intimidating stepping on a foreign space such as an LED screen. However, you and your guests have no reason to worry when it comes to these screens.

The LED floor screen system has an estimated weight limit of up to 2.5 tons, which is the perfect design for any occasion. From art exhibits to dance parties, your floor can do it all.

4. Multiple Ways to Use

Every event space owner knows that no two events are exactly the same. That’s why with your interactive screen, you can fit the ambiance of any event.

The user controls what colors, brightness, and overall display the screen has. You can truly decorate that space in whichever way you choose.

These unique screens also have the capacity to be placed not only horizontally but vertically, which can then give the experiences of a background for weddings, concerts, and many other events.

5. Clear Display and Visuals

No matter what angle guests view this screen, they are sure to get a great view due to the wide-angle display. Guests will have an amazing sensory experience from whichever way they are viewing.

Also, these floors have the advantage of having high brightness and pixels, which creates a clear and outstanding image of whatever visual is necessary.

The display also has a beautiful seamless design which creates a picture without any interruptions or lines in between. This leaves no room for any awkward looking pictures.

6. High Intelligence

The display itself is important, but what is just as important is the ability for the user to effectively be able to operate such a display with ease.

With advanced intelligence, this screen will recognize functions such as automatic startup and shutdown, display of brightness, programming, and user-friendly mobile control of the screen.

7. Energy Efficient

One of the most prominent features of these LED systems is that they use less energy than other common lighting sources.

These displays can run in a low-volt environment, all while producing less heat. In comparison, neon lights and incandescent signs can use up to four times more energy than the LEDs.

8. Advertisement Use

You don’t have to use these systems as a form of aesthetic, they can also be used to your advantage in a more traditional way.

Use your floor to display multiple messages, contact information, and more ways to help your business grow.

That way, guests will be enticed by your unique feature while also finding out where they can contact you to make their event just as beautiful as the one they’re attending.

9. Thin Design

Nobody likes bulk. It takes up unnecessary space and looks tacky. While interactive floor screens hold all the technology of the future, they thankfully do not hold all the weight of it.

The lighter your LED screen display, the thinner your stage will be. This is convenient for smaller venues and events who want a smaller display overall. This can also lead to single-user operation, which can save time and energy at events.

10. Easy to Install

As a venue owner, there is no doubt that you are busy with many other projects. Lucky for you, installing your interactive floor screen can be much simpler than you anticipated.

These LED systems are similar to many other operating systems, which will be easy for anyone to learn rapidly.

The floor display holds a modular design with a quick and easy disassembly, which can be done by connecting the screen cabinet and the floor support, which is super convenient for users.

Also, finding your ideal LED interactive floor supplier can take all of the stress off of you as a business owner.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, there is no reason not to install a functional and beautiful interactive floor screen in your venue space. An LED interactive screen is versatile and aesthetically pleasing, and they are easy to install.

Are you ready to transform your event space? Contact us or visit our website for more information today!